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#11 Question of the Week

October 17, 2018


Yenni’s watch was 25 minutes slow. The clock on the wall was 15 minutes fast. After Yenni took 3h 55min to finish reading her book, the clock was showing 13 45. What time on the watch did Yenni begin reading her book? 


There are 3 broad ways problem sums involving time can be tested: 

1. Given time, find duration
2. Given duration, find time
3. Faulty clock


In this week’s question, we have picked a P4 time problem sum involving faulty clocks. A typical faulty clock time problem sum involves only 1 faulty clock. This question is slightly more difficult as it involves 2 faulty devices,  a faulty clock and a faulty watch.


But if you break down the different problems, it becomes easy to solve. See below for the full solution!




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